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International Projects

Spektra has been developing international projects since its creation in 1994 as a European cultural project promoting European cultures worldwide. As part of this commitment, Spektra has developed projects in Germany, Spain and Mexico, bringing together artists from different backgrounds with the aim of creating a bridge between cultures through art.

Tour in Germany 2023

A tour in Germany will take place in 2023 by the company Spektra within the framework of the "Franco-German quizaine of the Occitanie region". We will confirm the new dates as soon as possible.

Tour in Mexico 2023

A new tour in Mexico will be developed in 2023. We will inform you of the dates as soon as possible! We are working on a masterclass project combining different performances in Mexico City and in the rest of the country.

Mexico City 2022
Festival Al Alma

Tour in Mexico 2022

The Mexican tour of ¡Dolores! un espectáculo total 2022 organized during the festival "Al Alma" in collaboration with "le théâtre de l'opprimé" (France) and the "Gran feria Tlaxcala" (Tlaxcala, Mexico DC)


"Al Alma" a multidisciplinary event created in 2015, whose main missions are to promote and publicize the artists affiliated with the network of collaborators of the Franco-Mexican association Al Alma, as well as their countries and local cultures, to other populations. It is an itinerant festival that travels from one city to another, in various Latin American and European countries. True to Al Alma's artistic vision, the program is open to all kinds of artistic disciplines. 


Dolores on the festival "Al Alma" Mexico 2022 (Facebook direct link)

"Gran feria Tlaxcala" teatro de la capilla, centro cultural helenico, During the tlaxcala festival of calle, at the "palacio de la cultura" involving 7 shows and a workshop of the company Spektra.

Language adaptations of "¡Dolores! Un espectaculo total" 2017 to 2020


The company is organizing two artistic residencies in December 2017 in Iznajar to adapt the original show to Spanish. Then in June 2019 at the Floresta (Barcelona). The Spanish premiere takes place in June 2019 at Floresta.


The show is also adapted and translated into German in February and March 2020. For us it is essential to realize an artistic work that we are convinced both by the meaning we put in it and in its form, in order to make our creative journeys, the work on languages and intercultural work are essential for us.

Collaborations and partnerships in Europe

- Events and communication, with the Industrial Teater, international cultural fair in Friebourg (Kulturbörse Freiburg 2019 ).


- Support to the diffusion and the French adaptation of the street show "Money forfree", creation of Sergi Estebanell, (Catalonia, Spain 2018-2019)


- Support for the diffusion of "Bidaia", creation of the Hortzmuga Teatroa Company, (Basque Country Spain, 2019-2020)


- Support to the diffusion of "Out of the blue", creation of the Cie Larutan, (Basque Country Spain, 2019-2020)


- Support to the diffusion of "Arrived", creation of Adrian Scwarstein, (Catalonia Spain, 2022)


-The Spektra company works with the twinning office of the city of Nîmes and various projects are developed in this framework.

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